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News Green Spaces - Call for Proposals

The "Green Spaces" program was launched in 2006 by the Environmental Partnership Foundation with MOL Romania, through a pilot program called "Schools for the Environment". The pilot program sought to involve children and young people in projects of reforestation and rehabilitation of green spaces.

After the success of the pilot project the cooperation between MOL Romania and the Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation has flourished, so in 2011 the sixth consecutive call for proposals for the Green Spaces program was launched.


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Source Romanian Environmental Partnership Romania
Release date 26/01/2011
Contributor Dorin Pop
Geographical coverage Romania,
Keywords green spaces, protected areas, project

This year the available amount for the two categories of the program - Natural Protected Areas and Urban Green Spaces - is 150,000 EUR.


The Natural Protected Areas component has the goal to promote the protected areas of Romania in order to increase their acceptance level through the involvement of NGOs, schools, local communities and administrators of the protected areas.


Through this component there will be funded projects that intend to run the following type of activities:

• Junior Rangers

• Day of Protected Areas

• Biodiversity Day

• Educational Trail development in protected areas

• Permanent exhibition development in the visitors' center of the protected areas


The amount available for 2011 is the equivalent in RON of 100,000 EUR.

Maximum amount/project: 20,000 RON.

Own contribution must be at least 20% of the project budget.


Within the „Urban Green Spaces" component the Foundation offers grants for the creation or rehabilitation of green spaces, run by NGOs in collaboration with schools.

The amount available for 2011 is the equivalent in RON of 50,000 EUR.

Maximum amount/project: 8,000 RON.



Please note that this information has expired.


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