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News High Nature Value Farming in South-Eastern Europe: Policy Opportunities and Challenges in view of EU Accession and CAP post-2013

The concept of HNV farmland is a novelty for the SEE countries. But even in the absence of detailed studies it is clear that the generally very extensive character of agriculture in these countries suggests that there are large areas of HNV farmland in a variety of farming systems. It comes as no surprise that the region is considered as the ‘green gold’ of South Eastern Europe (Plantlife) and the ‘green lungs’ of Europe (EEA).

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Sursă European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism
Data de publicare 03/04/2012
Contributor Dorin Pop
Acoperire geografică Europe,
Cuvinte cheie High Nature Value Farming, policy,

As elsewhere in Europe HNV farming is in decline. The main reason for this negative development is the insufficient income generated by the low-intensity farming as well as the relatively low levels of support received from national support programmes (or even being envisaged under IPARD programmes), compared with more intensive farming on better land.

However, some of the countries from the region provide support which even if not labelled “HNV Farming” contributes to this type of farming systems. More targeted HNV farming support is available in their neighbours - new EU Member States.

Overall, there is a variety of HNV farming policy support experience - some of it is a good practice, some of it may not be. There is a lot to share and to learn from each other especially now that the SEE countries are on the path to EU accession and to implementing the Common Agricultural Policy support.

A SEE Regional Workshop was held in Zagreb, Croatia, on 3-4 November 2011 concerning this issue. The objectives of the workshop where:

- Understand the importance of the SEE region in terms of farming-related biodiversity and ecosystem services in the context of HNV farming systems and areas;

- Discuss and assess existing and planned measures which are likely to support HNV farming in SEE countries, and highlight examples of good practice;

- Discuss the key needs, opportunities and challenges for developing and implementing targeted HNV farming policy support in view of EU accession alongside a changing CAP post-2013;

- Provide a networking opportunity for policy makers and interested NGOs.

The full report of the workshop is available here.

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