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News Recommendations for financing Natura 2000

The PAN Parks Foundation handed in recommendations for the future financing of Natura 2000 to the

European Commission together with 14 member NGOs of the European Habitats Forum (EHF).

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Sursă Pan Parks Foundation
Data de publicare 04/05/2011
Contributor Dorin Pop
Acoperire geografică Europe
Cuvinte cheie Natura 2000, financing, NGO


In order to ensure future protection of biodiversity in the EU, there is need to improve funding for Natura 2000. Member States and the European Commission must strengthen their efforts to ensure sufficient funding in the future. This is a crucial discussion and a common clear understanding of the best way forward is helpful, not only for involved NGOs’, but for the conservation world in general. The PAN Parks Foundation therefore supports the document ‘NGOs’ recommendations for the future financing of Natura 2000’ prepared by 15 EHF members and handed in to the European Commission.


The document includes the following seven recommendations developed for financing Natura 2000 during the post 2013 Financial Period:

1. Sufficient funding for Natura 2000 from the EU and Member States’ budgets to finance the development and implementation of the management measures

2. Improvement of the direct allocation

3. Improvement of the integration of Natura 2000 in all relevant EU funding lines

4. Establishment of Prioritised Action Framework as suggested by the European Commission to increase transparency and monitoring

5. Providing full accountability of EU funding for biodiversity and more specifically for the Natura 2000 network

6. Eliminating any harmful subsidies - “biodiversity-proofed” checking

7. Evaluate further funding opportunities which go beyond public funding


For more details about the recommendations, download the document here.

Please note that this information has expired.


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