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Folder The Carpathian Convention

Romania through the Minister of Environment and Forests holds the Presidency of the Carpathian Convention until the next Conference of Parties in 2011.

Framework Convention on the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Carpathians, was adopted in Kiev on May 22, 2003, and was ratified by Romania by Law no. 389/2006. Signatories States of this Convention are Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Ukraine and Hungary.

Convention created the framework for cooperation between the signatory states for various areas of settlement:

- Conservation of biodiversity

- Planning,

- Management of water resources

- Agriculture and Forestry

- Transport - Tourism

- Industry and

- Energy.

Each of the provisions mentioned framework will be developed and implemented by additional protocols.

Folder Legea nr. 137/2010
BINARY Text of the Convention Download