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Articole “School in a different way”

“School in a different way”

Doing “school in a different way” it means also getting to know more about the nature that surrounding us. That was the leading idea for organizing ecology classes with children from Moara Vlasiei on the 2 to 6 of April, the week of the school in a different way.

Specialists from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, representatives of the site Natura 2000, custodians and teachers from the local school organize indoor and outdoor lessons with a group of 15 children interested in nature protection.

As the Natura 2000 site ROSPA0044 - Gradistea Caldarusani Dridu is a site of community importance due to some rare species of birds, the main activities developed refered in recognizing the species of birds, the life of birds and the ecosystems existing within the site. There were power point presentations, open questions sessions, role play games all for improving the knowledge of children about the nature value of the Natura 2000 site and its role in developing a sustainable development in the local area.

The promoters of these actions came up with the experiences gathered during a study visit in Germany facilitated by the Program Naturregio Floodplains, administrated by the Alfred Toepfer Akademie fur Naturschutz (NNA).

Some of the activities developed for the schools in Germany in order to raise the ecology education were implemented during these lessons in Moara Vlasiei.

The response of the children was impressive. They have created little “pieces of art” that reflected their vision about the nature which surrounds them. Drawings, photos from the site made by themselves after a intensive period of watching, origami representing birds and even a poem were their artistic contribution to this event.

The long term and immediate impact of this event was a deeper awareness on the importance of nature conservation for the children who live in the area covered by the Natura 2000 site Gradistea Caldarusani Dridu.

Release date 09/04/2012
Contributor Roxana Ionescu
Geographical coverage Romania,